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Adobe Creative Cloud Sample

1. A PDF containing complex engineering drawings is failing to print completely. The printing device is an older model with a small amount of RAM. What setting might enable you to print the complex file without error?(Required)
2. You have been working in the Essentials workspace and have changed the arrangement of panels, closing some that were open by default and opening others from the Window menu. How can you get back to the default arrangement of panels?(Required)
3. You have an RGB image that you want to convert to a duotone, but in the image > Mode menu, the Duotone option in grayed out. Why is this happening?(Required)
4. While working in Premiere Pro, how can you quickly create a new After Effects composition with settings that match the current sequence?(Required)
5. What adjustment in the Lumetri Color effect can help restore edge detail to footage?(Required)
6. You select a graphic frame that contains a Photoshop image and use the Scale field in the Control panel to enlarge it to 200%. What happens to the effective image resolution?(Required)
7. Where do you change the shutter angle for the motion blur in a composition?(Required)
8. You created a button in Adobe XD and converted it to a component in order to make the button interactive. When you open the Component (Master) area in the Property Inspector and click Default State, you notice the button already has one state applied to it. What state is applied?(Required)
Saturation and Vibrance both strengthen the intensity of the color in your image, however Vibrance is more specific to __ .(Required)
10. You have applied the Auto Levels effect but notice flickering in the results. How can you reduce this?(Required)