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Android Skill Assessment

1. To add features, components, and permissions to your Android app, which file needs to be edited?(Required)
2. Which XML attribute should be used to make an Image View accessible?(Required)
3. You launch your app, and when you navigate to a new screen it crashes, Which action will NOT help you diagnose the issue?(Required)
4. Why might push notifications stop working?(Required)
5. The Android system kills process when it needs to free up memory. The likelihood of the system killing a given process depends on the state of the process and the activity at the time. With combination of process and activity state is most likely to be killed?(Required)
6. You want to include about and setting modules in your project. Which files accurately reflects their inclusion?(Required)
7. What is the benefit of using @VisibleForTesting annotation?(Required)
8. When will an activity's onActivityResult()be called?(Required)
9. You need to remove an Event based on it;s id from your API, Which code snippet defines that request in Retrofit?(Required)
10. When would you use a product flavour in your build setup?(Required)
✓ Valid number ✕ Invalid number