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Different Committees for ICNSEA 2022

1. International Advisory Committee

Prof. M. Enamul Hossain – NSRIC Chair Professor in Sustainable Energy, CEO & President (Chair)

Prof. Ali Al Bemani, VC, National University of Science and Technology, Muscat, Oman

Prof. George V. Chilingar – Professor Emeritus, University of Southern California, USA

Prof. Turgey Ertekin – Professor Emeritus, Penn State University, USA

Prof. Farooq Ali – SPE Chair Professor, University of Houston, USA

Mr. Syed Nurul Islam – CEO and Chairman, Well Group of Industries, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dr. Chefi Ketata, Managing Editor of JNSST, Nova Science Publishers, USA

Prof. Allam Ahmed, President of World Association of Sustainable Development, UK

Prof. Peter Gu, Professor, University of Regina, Canada

Prof. Ziad Saghir, Professor, Ryerson University, Canada

Prof. Kambiz Vafai, Distinguished Professor, University of California Riverside, USA

Dr. Abul Jamaluddin, Vice President and Operations Director, Stratum Reservoir, UAE

2. ICNSEE2022 Organizing Committee

Prof. M. Haider Ali Biswas – AVP, Conference Unit (Chair)

Prof. Poonam Arora –  Distinguished Faculty and AVP, Marketing Division (Co-Chair)

Prof. Gharib Hammada –Distinguished Faculty and AVP-Engineering Unit (Co-Chair)

Dr. M. Humayun Kabir – Distinguished Faculty in Mathematics (Secretary)

Prof. Muhammad Muqeem – Distinguished Faculty in Petroleum Engineering (Treasurer)

Prof. Herbert Sukhu – Distinguished Faculty in Engineering Economics, AVP-RID Unit and Continent Director for Caricom region (Member)

Dr. Mohammad Awad – Senior Faculty and HoD Mechanical Engineering (Member)

Dr. Mohammad Ismail – Junior Faculty in Mechanical Engineering (Member)

Mr. Mahmoud Alam –  Professor Practice and Country Manager Marketing for Bangladesh (Member)

3. Technical Program Committee

Dr. Md. Awad –  Senior Faculty and HoD Mechanical Engineering (Chair)

Dr. Herbert Sukhu – Distinguished Faculty in Engineering Economics, Continent Director Marketing Caricom and AVP-RID (Member)

Dr. Tawfiq Jaber – Distinguished Faculty and HoD in Industrial Engineering (Member)

Dr. Mansur Mulk –  Senior Faculty in Bioengineering, and Continent Director Marketing for Asia (Member)

Dr. Mehdi Shemirani –  Senior Faculty in Mechanical Engineering (Member)

Dr. Reda Azim – Senior Faculty and HoD in Petroleum Engineering (Member)

4. Marketing and Publicity Sub Committee

Dr.  Poonam Arora – Distinguished Faculty in Human Resources Management and AVP Marketing Division (Chair)

 Mr. Mamun-Or-Rashid (Member)


5. IT Support sub committee

Mr. Manam Pervez –   IT   Specialist (Chair) 

Ms. Habiba Zahid – CEO Executive and Lecturer in Computer Science and IT (Member)

6. Publication Sub Committee

Prof. M. Haider Ali Biswas – AVP, Conference Unit NSRIC (Chair)

Prof. M. Enamul Hossain – CEO & President, NSRIC

Dr. M. Humayun Kabir – Conference Director, NSRIC