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Q1. According to the shared responsibility model, which cloud computing model places the most responsibility on the cloud service provider (CSP)?(Required)
Q2. Which security control cannot produce an active response to a security event?(Required)
Q3. Which option describes the best defense against collusion?(Required)
Q4. During a penetration test, you find a file containing hashed passwords for the system you are attempting to breach. Which type of attack is most likely to succeed in accessing the hashed passwords in a reasonable amount of time?(Required)
Q5. You configure an encrypted USB drive for a user who needs to deliver a sensitive file at an in-person meeting. What type of encryption is typically used to encrypt the file?(Required)
Q6. Which aspect of cybersecurity do Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks affect the most?(Required)
Q7. You need to recommend a solution to automatically assess your cloud-hosted VMs against CIS benchmarks to identify deviations from security best practices. What type of solution should you recommend?(Required)
Q8. You have configured audit settings in your organization's cloud services in the event of a security incident. What type of security control is an audit trail?(Required)
Q9. An attacker has discovered that they can deduce a sensitive piece of confidential information by analyzing multiple pieces of less sensitive public data. What type of security issue exists?(Required)
Q10. Which type of security assessment requires access to source code?(Required)