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Data Science Sample

1. You work in a data science team that wants to improve the accuracy of its K-nearest neighbor result by running on top of a naive Bayes result. What is this an example of?(Required)
2. How is machine learning related to artificial intelligence?(Required)
3. You are working on a project that involves clustering together images of different cats. You take image and identify it as your centroid image. What type machine learning algorithm are you using?(Required)
4. Why would you create an abstract class, if it can have no real instances?(Required)
5. What is an IS-A relationship?(Required)
6. You want a method with behavior similar to a virtual method--it is meant to be overridden --expect that it does not have a method body. It just has a method signature. What kind of method should you use?(Required)
7. What does the term "overfitting" refer to in machine learning?(Required)
8. Which of the following techniques is used for dimensionality reduction?(Required)
9. Which of the following evaluation metrics is appropriate for a classification problem?(Required)
10. What is the primary goal of exploratory data analysis (EDA)?(Required)