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Database Management Sample

1. What is a key difference between GET and POST?(Required)
2. What is the purpose of adding a lowercase "u" as a modifier after the final delimiter in a Perl-compatible regular expression?(Required)
3. When you have a subquery inside of the main query, which query is executed first?(Required)
4. MySQL server can operate in different SQL modes, depending on the value of the sql_mode system variable. Which mode changes syntax and behavior to conform more closely to standard SQL?(Required)
5. How does MySQL differ from SQL?(Required)
6. Suppose your aggregation pipeline terminated with an exception referring to exceeded memory limit. What is the best way to resolve the issue?(Required)
7. You are going to do a series of updates to multiple records. You find setting the multi option of the update() command too tiresome. What should you do instead?(Required)
8. What is the purpose of the SQL HAVING clause?(Required)
9. You need to control your application's batch updates destination for your Bigtable multinode cluster. Which action do you take?(Required)
10. Your query to verify that your Redis key is configured to support expiring user information on a defined interval returns -2, What does this value indicate?(Required)