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Front-End Development Sample

1. Which statement is true when an HTML tag has been deprecated?(Required)
2. What is Webpack primarily used for?(Required)
3. What is the difference between *<input type="submit" value="click me">* and *<button type="submit">Click me</button>*?(Required)
4. What is the correct way to code a link that, when clicked, will send an email to with a subject of "Hello"? <a href="">Click me</a>(Required)
5. What is the correct way to include a stylesheet named style.css in the <head> of your document?(Required)
6. What is the purpose of the *class* attribute?(Required)
7. What is the difference between the *<svg>* and *<canvas>*?(Required)
8. CSS grid and flexbox are now becoming a more popular way to create page layouts. However, floats are still commonly used, especially when working with an older code base, or if you need to support older browser version. What are two valid techniques used to clear floats?(Required)
9. When adding transparency styles, what is the difference between using the opacity property versus the background property with an rgba() value?(Required)
10. When elements overlap, they are ordered on the z-axis (i.e., which element covers another). The z-index property can be used to specify the z-order of overlapping elements. Which set of statements about the z-index property are true?(Required)