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Full-Stack Development Sample

1. You get a NullPointerException while working in Java. What is the most likely cause?(Required)
2. Java programmers commonly use design patterns. Some examples are the _, which helps create instances of a class, the _, which ensures that only one instance of a class can be created; and the _, which allows for a group of algorithms to be interchangeable.(Required)
3. Why is it usually better to work with Objects instead of Arrays to store a collection of records?(Required)
4. Why might you choose to make your code asynchronous?(Required)
5. Which statement represents the starting code converted to an IIFE?(Required)
6. You have a variable of named employees of type List<Employee> containing multiple entries. The Employee type has a method getName() that returns the employee name. Which statement properly extracts a list of employee names?(Required)
7. You are attempting to assign an integer variable to a long variable, but Kotlin compiler flags it as an error. Why?(Required)
8. Which snippet correctly shows setting the variable max to whichever variable holds the greatest value, a or b, using idiomatic Kotlin?(Required)
9, What is the purpose of JSON?(Required)
10. What technique can you use to safely encode very large numbers in JSON?(Required)