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Keynote Speakers:

Dr. Saeed K Jadoon


Topic: Greening of Petroleum Operations 


Dr. Jadoon, a petroleum engineer, is currently the Director General of HDIP and a member of the directors of board of KPOGCL, an oil and gas company in Pakistan. He led the national oil and gas company of Pakistan, OGDCL, during his tenure as a chief engineer and Executive Direction prior to retiring in 2019.

Dr. Jahanara Monaf 

Topic: Bringing Back Care in Healthcare


Dr. Jahanara Monaf practices in the UK and Australia and is registered in the divisions of Acupuncture, Hijama, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Chinese Herbal Dispensing. She owns and directs her own clinics where she is the senior doctor. During her nearly 20 years of practice, she has helped thousands of patients with a wide range of ailments. Dr. Monaf values natural and risk-free methods of health care and employs a wide range of old and new treatment techniques to empower patients with choices, because not everyone believes that a lifetime filled with drugs and surgery is the key to living a long and healthy life. She is inspired by numerous patients who underwent life-changing experiences under her care. The huge difference she makes in people’s lives every day motivates her to continue confront contemporary society’s broken approach to health and welfare.

Dr. George V Chilingar


Topic: Global Warming or Global Chilling?


Professor Chilingar has been teaching at University of Southern California (USC) for nearly 70 years. He is considered to be the most published Geologist in the world with over 70 books and 500 research papers to his credit.


Rola Madi Iceton 

NSW, Australia

Topic: Making of compassionate lawyers


Rola is a qualified lawyer in NSW, Australia and Jordan and is bilingual (Arabic & English). Rola is one of the very few lawyers in the Middle East who has qualified as both a common law and civil law jurisdictions lawyer/solicitor and has practiced in both sophisticated jurisdictions.

Rola is a highly analytical and detail-oriented professional with extensive 20+ years of experience addressing legal issues, while delivering effective liaison and due diligence as well as ascertaining corporate governance procedures to ensure operational excellence. Rola has a demonstrated track record of drafting frameworks and corporate guidelines and also negotiating with various strategic partners both local and international to align operations as per stakeholders/clients’ goals. Rola is extremely adept at harnessing collective team synergies to address and resolve a diverse variety of legal complexities, coupled with the ability to liaise with clients/stakeholders to guarantee a successful attainment of set objectives and goals.

Rola offers a record of achievements and possesses a long robust career history in administering corporate and commercial legal functions and additionally in developing an efficient legal department. Rola has also built up a solidand extensive knowledge base and gained a considerable store of intellectual property in terms of skills and experience in corporate governance, regulatory compliance, risk management and strategy development.

Rola is currently working as a Director – Legal & Head of the Legal Department for a property development & investment company in Dubai, UAE. Previous to her current position, she worked as a Chief Legal Officer and a Corporate Secretary for the Abu Dhabi Government where she advised them on the restructuring of their wholly-owned Group of companies and drafted/negotiated all of their international transactions/ joint ventures.

She also worked as an in-house General Counsel & Head of Legal Department for one of the leading property investment development holding groups trading on the stock market of Dubai, UAE, where she provided an efficient legal department for the holding group and its subsidiaries and previous to this she worked for Clyde & Co LLP one of the largest and top niche International Law Firms.

John Tinker


Topic: The Foundations of my Education: Bringing Back Education in Education


John Tinker is an American activist and founder of sché It’s a project of the global democracy movement. The website aggregates and shares news from at least 4,500 sites across the web. In 1969, Tinker’s name was attached to an oft-cited Supreme Court decision establishing free speech as a protected right in America’s public schools. It’s named as the Tinker standard and has become a hallmark of freedom of speech.

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