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Microsoft Office Sample

1. You want to create a form in Access to view a customer's details, as well as some information about all order that the customer has placed with your company. What is the best way to display this information on a single screen?(Required)
2. In Excel, after activating a chart, which sequence adds a trendline to the chart?(Required)
3. In Excel, how does the appearance of an array formula differ from that of a standard formula?(Required)
4. You are using a scheduled flow in Automate to copy information from one databse to another. What is an important caveat to keep in your mind?(Required)
5. In Power Bi, how can you allow users to filter an entire report to display information for the last week, last two weeks, or last month?(Required)
6. A picture looks good in your slide show but pixelated when you print it. How can you fix this?(Required)
7. You have a large number of objects on your slide. How can you use the selection pane to help you identify the objects quickly?(Required)
8. You would like the ability to edit your typed entries in the Entry Bar, which appears below the ribbon and above the default Entry table in the Gantt Chart view. You recently received a new computer and noticed that the Entry Bar is missing. How do you fix this in Project?(Required)
9. You split a document into three sections. What happens if you change the margins in the first section?(Required)
10. Which statement best describes how a bookmark is used in a Word document?(Required)