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Microsoft Visual Studio Sample

1. Which of the following is a reason why using this line is considered a bad practice (C++)? *using namespace std;*(Required)
Which of the following is a true statement about the difference between pointers and iterators (C++)?(Required)
3. What does auto type specifier do in this line of code (C++)? *auto x = 4000.22;*(Required)
4. Header files are listed using the preprocessing directive #include, and can have one of the following formats: #include <fileA> or #include "fileB". What is the difference between these two formats (C)?(Required)
5. What is optional in a function declaration (C)?(Required)
6. What is the difference between scanf() and sscanf() functions (C)?(Required)
7. In which of these situations are interfaces better than abstract classes (C#)?(Required)
8. When would you use a Dictionary rather that an Array type in your application (C#)?(Required)
9. Which choice best describes a deadlock situation (C#)?(Required)
10. Which statement does NOT describe the object-oriented programming concept of encapsulation (Python)?(Required)