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Miscellaneous General Knowledge

Q1. What country has the highest life expectancy?(Required)
Q2. What year was the United Nations established?(Required)
Q3. How many minutes are in a leap year?(Required)
Q4. Who was the last Tsar of Russia?(Required)
Q5. In what country would you find Mount Kilimanjaro?(Required)
Q6. What is a group of pandas called?(Required)
Q7. How many bones in a human infant?(Required)
Q8. What software company is headquartered in Redmond, Washington?(Required)
Q9. Which language has the most native speakers?(Required)
Q10. Which country has the largest nuclear facility?(Required)
Q11. If a hunter shoots 1 of the 10 birds on a tree, how many birds are left on the tree.(Required)
Q12. What is the most valuable currency in the world?(Required)
Q13. Who was the richest man in history?(Required)
Q14. Which is the largest Abrahamic Religion?(Required)
Q15. Which programming language is used the most?(Required)